We are located on the wide open prairies of North Dakota. We have no mountains and few trees to obstruct our views! To some it may seem boring  . It must be an acquired taste since we think it is great. While we are a low populated state, it is here that you will find  some of the friendliest people found anywhere. Maybe one learns to appreciate others more when there are not so many to choose from. (or weed through like a gardener might say!) As the State Tourism Department says,and we concur, North Dakota Legendary!                

We have lived on our farmstead for nearly 30 years but only began some serious yard changes in 2002. We added a couple of perennial beds and that being
mostly painless, we added more to the yard. Soon we had less grass to cut and more rocks and flower beds to go around. We currently have  30 
beds ranging in size from 50 square feet to one that is over 7500 square feet. Because of our challenging North Dakota weather, we do provide microenviornments within our gardens to help certain plant types survive and thrive. 
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We have a very wide variety of perennial flowers, grasses,trees and shrubs planted.We are very limited by our severe Winter climate and try to plant our "deer susceptible" plants for best protection. By adding several hundred annuals, our gardens have a more sustained and consistant burst of color. Most perennials are late season bloomers, therefore making the peak of bloom time to be mid July to the end of July.
The decision to make our gardens available to more guests was recently made due to the feedback from those already visiting us. We added a garden cottage in 2008. This was done 
by connecting two 1950's era wood grain bins . A small pond was added in  front of the cottage making it a very comfortable space for different occasions. During the Winter of 2010, another meeting area with a large deck, has been developed.This has the capability to accomodate larger groups . Our plan is that these rooms will double as a focal point for a future winery.The new facilities combined with the beauty of our gardens would provide quests with a unique and special enviornment for meetings, retreats or an outdoor wedding. We are located next to our little country Church for those who may also want a church ceremony.

The majority of the fruits have been planted since 2007. We planted over 3000 rhubarb that year. Thus we have frozen,  chopped and shrink wrapped rhubarb available for purchase anytime. Most of the other fruits including Black Chokeberry bushes and hundreds of Haskap (a Honey Berry cross) will be available for picking and purchase soon. Many other fruits are planted and will be producing in the near future. The fruits will also be used in the proposed winery operation.

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