The flower gardens are scattered throughout the yard. We are not a formal garden, with the belief that the highest degree of beauty is nature itself, in an unrestrained form. The beds vary in size and shape and are interspersed with stone, rock, logs, driftwood and several pieces of metal art. Our beds are largely non color coordinated, as we find it to difficult to find flowers that bloom together, are not overrun by their neighbors or die at in opportune times from depredation, winter kill or disease. Most beds are perennial based but with hundreds of annuals added for a more consistent color through out the season. Each year the flower beds change since some of the plants die off for one reason or another. Included in the beauty of the landscaping are three small ponds, waterfalls and a stream bed. Some of our base core perennials are black-eyed susans, sunflowers, day lilies, monarda, grasses and shrubs in the sunny areas. Some shade perennials are hosta, astillbe and ferns. We also have vines, such as clematis, trumpet vines and wisteria. We are very limited by our Winter climate, but you do the best you can with what you can .
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